Advanced Analysis of a Horary Sports Astrology Chart

I’ve written about the potential of betting on under-over lines multiple times before. Here and here for example. Now I will share a real-life example of how I used an advanced Horary Sports Astrology chart to make a prediction, and most importantly, how I bet on the under-over lines.

This particular post will be for more advanced students and scholars of Horary Sports Astrology. Go check out these posts hereherehereherehere, and here. And even hereherehere, here, here, and here before You read onwards.

The Horary Sports Astrology chart

I decided to skip betting on the Money Line with this specific Horary Sports Astrology chart.

I didn’t find this chart particularly revealing of who could win but there are still some indicators in it. I will also share these but if I personally don’t have FULL clarity in the chart of who has the edge, I will either skip the bet or find clarity with something else.

And with this specific Horary Sports Astrology chart, the bet revealed itself in the under-over lines.

The match itself was between West Ham and Fulham in the Premier League.

The strength of the significators

The home team or West Ham is represented by Jupiter in the chart and has a half-decent score of +2 in the Essential Dignities table.

The visitors or Fulham in this case are represented by Mercury and are extremely strong at +10.

Victory is represented by Venus. And loss by Saturn. I explain why Saturn is representing loss in the chart for example here.

The connections between the significators

Sometimes when I read a Horary Sports Astrology chart it feels like a game of chess. A lot of moving pieces to consider.

West Ham or Jupiter is keeping Venus and Saturn both in Detriment and Fall. Venus rules Victory and Saturn loss. This was one of the first confusing things about the chart. And one of the reasons I didn’t want to bet on the West Ham Money Line.

But what about Mercury or Fulham? The most important connections are again in the Detriment and Fall lines. Mercury keeps both Venus and Jupiter there. What does that mean?

There’s a high probability that Fulham will frustrate and even score against West Ham during the match.


They also keep Victory or Venus in Fall. Most likely not going to win the match. NB! They can still win if there are good planetary aspects between Mercury (Fulham) and Venus (Victory).

There’s no real connection between Venus or the two teams. Same with Saturn.

It was here that I started to think about a possible draw. But was there an even better bet in the chart?


An aspect basically means that the planets (or influences) are communicating with one another.

I analyzed Mercury or Fulham first in this case. Mercury has no aspect to Venus or Victory. Not a good sign at all for the visiting team.

West Ham on the other hand has a separating opposition (difficult aspect) to Venus. It’s quite wide in this case, 10 degrees. Another clue or reason to not bet on the Money Line in my opinion.

But an aspect is an aspect! For predicting purposes, West Ham gets the upper hand with aspects so far.

If there aren’t too many aspects between the teams or players (and the planets of Victory and losses), I definitely look at other aspects to see who has more strength.

Jupiter only has separating aspects. Same for Mercury because it’s sitting at 28 degrees and no other planet is either at 28 or 29 degrees.

But let’s check also Saturn’s aspects of our two teams. I do this with every chart. I always check the aspects to or from the planet that rules loss in the Horary Sports Astrology chart!

Jupiter or West Ham has a wide and separating sextile from Saturn. Quite a weak influence.

Mercury has no aspect with Saturn. But! It still has a separating opposition from Neptune (a planet that is associated with losses in Horary Sports Astrology).

If we put all of this together, West Ham has a slight advantage to win but nothing clear.

Special influences

Special influences in the Horary Sports Astrology chart are often configurations that make or break if I will bet on the game.

We have two main special influences that we must take into account with this Horary Sports Astrology Chart.

The Sun is in the 10th house of Victory close to Venus (the planet that represents Victory).

Part of Fortune is close to the Descendant or Fulham

Which of these is the most important?

The Sun and it’s connections to the signficators of West Ham or Fulham. Meaning, Jupiter and Mercury.

Jupiter is the only one (West Ham) that has a real connection to the Sun. Keeping it in Exaltation and Triplicity. West Ham has some connection to Victory. More than Fulham.

And now I will share one of the main reasons why I skipped the Money Line bet for this match.

Part of Fortune is 5 degrees away from the seventh house cusp or Fulham. Part of Fortune represents luck, good fortune, at times winning the match in Horary Sports Astrology.

I know what some of You might be thinking, 5 degrees, it’s too far! Mostly yes but it’s still close.

Remember, Part of Fortune is a mathematical point and it doesn’t really have an orb like the rest of the planets. I keep it at 2 degrees maximum in most charts.


This was a confusing chart and I decided to not risk it. Remember, You don’t really need to risk a bet on every Horary Sports Astrology Chart You erect!

I approached the bet in a different way.

Making the bet with the Horary Sports Astrology chart and the reasons behind it

You don’t have to be loose with Your betting strategy!

I’m convinced that Fulham will not win the match but I was flipping back and forth between if West Ham will win or it will be a draw.

And then I decided to look at the other betting lines and found a decent bet! Fulham over 0.5. This means that if Fulham scores at least one goal during the match, I win the bet.

Why did I decide to bet on that?

  • Fulham is strong in the chart with a score of +10.
  • They are keeping Jupiter in Detriment = another clue that they will score.
  • Part of Fortune quite close to the seventh house cusp or Fulham = they will have more luck during the match.
    • This can be a lucky bounce of the ball or a deflection of a defender that brings them the goal.

I was decided because I was getting a good price and the signs towards Fulham scoring were stronger than West Ham winning the match example. And I don’t particularly like betting on the DRAW option.

Here’s proof once again that I walk my talk if I write about actually taking a bet.

Summary of an advanced analysis of a Horary Sports Astrology Chart

This was a tough one, no doubt about it.

I wanted to share this example because it was the perfect chart to illustrate that You don’t always have to give up on the bet if You can’t find the clear favorite to win the match.

If You know how find it, the bet can still be there!

Happy betting and predicting!

Horary Sports Astrology Pro

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