Interpreting a Horary Astrology Chart – More Examples

I showed You how to interpret a Horary astrology chart in my previous post here. Practice makes perfect and the best way to actually learn Horary astrology is to interpret as many charts as possible. This is why I love Horary Sports Astrology for that, as I explained here and here.

In this post, we are again going to look at a Horary Sports Astrology example and a more mundane Horary astrology chart from real life.

Horary astrology chart – sports astrology example

I like using Horary Sports Astrology a lot with football or soccer.

I personally like predicting sports that I like watching or playing as well. I do recommend it. It will turn the entire process into a more enjoyable endeavour.

Imagine sitting there and predicting curling matches when You are bored out of Your mind…You would give up quickly because the sport doesn’t interest You.

Choose a sport or even multiple to focus on. I personally bet and predict basketball and football = just because they are more exciting for me personally.

The Horary chart – football example

I managed to catch the match from half-time. Decided to pull up a chart regardless. It’s a difficult one.

Here’s an example of a Horary astrology chart that I used to predict the Premier League match of Nottingham Forest vs Fulham. It was a real cracker!

I opened the match when it was half-time, that also reflects in the question and chart title. Remember that!

You can predict a match from half-time or even when it’s just 15 minutes to go for example. But in order to do that You need to have more expertise to do that on the fly.

The significators

I’ve spoken about the importance of significators here and here. And even here.

Let’s identify them in this case as well.

Nottingham is the Ascendant (the home team) or Aries in this case and ruled by Mars.

Fulham is the Descendant (the away team) and Libra, is ruled by Venus.

The tenth house is in the sign of Capricorn, and that means victory is ruled by Saturn this time.

The strength and connection of the significators

Mars has a score of +1. They are decent but not strong by any means. No real connection to any of the other significators. And also in the 2nd house. Nothing special to see here. Nottingham from this is OK.

Venus has a slight edge with +2 but it’s keeping itself in Fall. Very often this means that the team will make a mistake that will cost them. Or create problems for themselves. Venus is in the worst house, 6th. Again, usually means that the team will create problems for themselves or will have injuries for example.

Saturn, the planet of victory in this chart, has a connection to Venus by term.

Considering it all, Fulham has a slight advantage over Nottingham at half-time. Even down 0-1.

Aspects and other important influences

Football is a team sport, with lots of influences to consider.

Have we considered it all? Not yet.

The aspects! Indeed the aspects are important! Especially to Saturn.

Mars or Nottingham has an applying trine to Saturn. Seemingly Nottingham has the edge? Possibly. But let’s look at Fulham or Venus.

Venus has no major aspect to Saturn. Now the two teams are really neck and neck!

What else is important here?

Like I said = this is a really tough chart to make a prediction or even take a bet on.

Mars or Nottingham is in really tight conjunction with the Moon. The influences that are near the Ascendant, Descendant, 10th house, or any of the significators = are to be assessed with more vigilance! And You can see Pluto in the 10th house, the house of victory. Pluto is also the referee but in this case, it has a lot to do with victory itself.

Pluto has an applying trine to Venus or Fulham and no major aspect to Nottingham. Slight advantage to Fulham again. But we must remember the connections with other significators. Pluto actually is keeping Mars in Exaltation but the Moon in Detriment. Nottingham gets a quarter of a point from this in my opinion.

There’s one more important influence we must consider.

Chiron, the Asteroid is only 2 degrees from the AC or Nottingham. In the danger of repeating myself = everything that is close to the Ascendant is crucially important!

Basically, I believe this is the key to the prediction. Because so far the teams are really equal. Almost 50-50 You might say.

Look at the Chiron essential dignities table line = certainly, You can see that it’s keeping Saturn or the Victory in detriment. Or Nottingham will lose or give away the victory. And so it was.

The match ended 2-3 in favour of Fulham after Nottingham won the first half. When the chart is that difficult = I recommend going small with the betting side of things.

The Horary astrology chart – mundane example

A Horary astrology chart from my own personal collection.

Here’s an example of a Horary chart that I cast in order to find out if I will get a response from a company regarding a position.

Let’s go through the same process with this chart. First, let’s identify the significators!

The Significators and their strength

I’m Leo or Sun in this case with a score of -10 Peregrine. Not doing that well. But it very often means that the person asking the question is under some stress or is not pleased with their situation currently. As was the case for me.

What about the company? They are Mars and Aries in this situation. Mars has a -10 Peregrine score as well. Similar meaning here. The people at the company have a lot of work or are overwhelmed with duties. So it’s hard to respond.

Remember! When it’s a personal question, the Moon needs to be considered as well for co-rulership of the Ascendant.

The Moon is in the 4th house and in the sign of Scorpio. Not doing so well either.

No one is doing too good in the situation.

The aspects in “Are they going to contact me?” type of Horary astrology chart

The aspects are most important in this type of Horary astrology chart or question. We want applying major aspects between the person asking the question, and the other party involved.

The Sun and Mars are already in a separating aspect = which usually means that there was a connection in the past. Don’t get alarmed when the first significator is a NO, always check the co-ruler as well!

But what about the Moon?

The Moon is in direct opposition and still in the same degree as the company or Mars. This means that they will at least contact the person asking the question.

This was the case actually.

But what if I want to know when?

Timing in Horary astrology

Timing is an important part of Horary astrology.

Timing is quite a big subject and deserves a blog post of it’s own but I will give You the basics now.

Unit = degree. Moon on 2 degrees of Taurus and Mars on 12 degrees of Scorpio = the difference is 10 units.

Cardinal = shortest, minute, hour, day, weeks.

Fixed = longest, months, years.

Mutable = weeks and months.

Angular = quickest, minute, hour, day, weeks.

Succedent = weeks and months.

Cadent = slowest, months and years.

Let’s put it all together using this example.

Because the significators are in the same degree, the unit is a maximum of 1. You can also divide the minute difference between the significators to get an even more accurate number. But I’m good with 1 in this case. So will it be 1 minute, hour, day, week, or year? Let’s check.

We are talking about Fixed signs here (Scorpio and Taurus) so we can immediately remove a minute or hour from consideration. But what about a week, month or even a year?

Both planets are in Angular houses, we can now remove the year from our assessment.

Here it depends on Your own needs and desires. When I see Fixed + Fixed + Angular + Angular = I’m thinking somewhere in between. I went with one month, and it turned out to be true. But I wouldn’t have been disappointed if it was 1 week. It really depends on the type of question. If it’s a health question or a missing person for example = the assessment needs to be more accurate. But for these types of questions, “they will contact me or You in 1-4 weeks” should suffice.

Summary of interpreting Horary astrology charts

As You can see, there are differences between Horary Sports Astrology and more mundane Horary astrology charts. As well as in the ways we interpret them.

I urge You to look at as many Horary astrology charts to get better at predicting real-life and sporting events!

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