Introduction to Horary Sports Astrology

Overview of different sports astrology methods

Sports astrology is practised in many different ways. Some astrologers cast a moment chart for the tournament or event. Others look at the natal charts of real-life sporting figures. The curious ones predict sporting events through Horary sports astrology.

There are many issues and problems with these techniques. For example, it is very hard to find accurate birth data for all the people involved. Even if You manage to find two people in a team, extremely hard to find the rest of the nine. If we are talking about football. 

And even for tennis where two people meet on the court, still hard to find birth data.

This is one of the reasons an astrologer or betting enthusiast can choose Horary astrology and start predicting specific sporting events with that. Horary gives us the current situation of what is going on with everything.

All the teams, players, the match or the event itself. This is why Horary sports astrology is the way to go when predicting the results of sporting events.

What house system and type of astrology do we use in Horary Sports Astrology?

William Lilly used the Regiomontanus system. So did many of the traditional astrologers when answering Horary questions. I also started to use it but many consider it “an ancient system”.

For the sake of simplicity, all charts that I will be sharing are going to be Regiomontanus. If You use a different system, I do recommend You pick one and stick with it. Easier to gather data and see what is working.

For all my Horary Sports Astrology questions I use Tropical astrology. I’ve seen Tropical be more associated with material events on planet earth. Sidereal seems a lot connected to the inner workings of a man or woman. Almost soul level matters. SportsAstrologyHub recommends Regiomontantus and Tropical.

What are the first things to consider in Horary Sports Astrology

First, we want to identify the significators in Horary sports astrology. They are always the Ascendant and the Descendant. Sometimes written AC and AS, or DC and DS. Depending on which type of software You use.

I brought an example from a recent bet and prediction I did in the Premier League match between Tottenham Hotspur and Leicester City. Tottenham was the home team, so they are signified by the AS. Leicester is the DS.


In this specific example, Tottenham is Saturn (the traditional ruler of Aquarius), and Leicester is the Sun (ruler of Leo).

You have to remember these planets always! They are going to be telling us the most important story.

Learn more about planetary rulership in this video:

What’s next?

Image by hansmarkutt from Pixabay

After we have identified the significators of the teams or players involved, it is time to evaluate their condition. Remember, the planet can be a team or an individual. Depending on the sport.

For this, I use Ptolemy’s terms. You can use Egyptian or Dorotheus but be consistent with what You use. That way You gather more valuable data.

First the Ascendant or Tottenham in this case.

Saturn is in rulership (in its own sign) and we like that. Tottenham is strong already. By traditional rules, nothing is exalted in Aquarius so nothing is in the exalted line.

Saturn can also be seen in its own Triplicity. We also want a team or player to be strong. Nothing special in this case happening in the Term or Face lines for Saturn but we see something interesting in the Detriment line. Saturn is keeping Sun in detriment. And Sun rules or represents Leicester.

Whenever one of the significators is keeping the other significator in detriment or in fall = this means the team or player is going to cause problems for the other team or player. Whoever is keeping the other in detriment or fall = is the team or player that is going to cause the problems (score goals, play good defence, win games – for example in tennis).

What can this look like in real life?

I’m talking about football in this case so there’s a high probability that Tottenham is going to score at least one goal during the match. (The match ended 6-2). But having tested this in through real sports betting, it’s not a 100% scenario. We need other influences to make the decision.

We also need to evaluate the Sun or Leicester in this case. As You can see, Leicester is not doing great at all. They (the Sun and Leicester) are holding an overall score of -5 and they are Peregrine. In very simple terms this means the team is either struggling, weak, ravished by injuries, or there are different problems during that specific match for the team (or if You are using it for individual sports then for the individual in question).

This often means that we can already make the judgment that it will be hard to win for Leicester at that specific moment. But again, there are exceptions to every rule which will be covered in future blog posts.

Other important influences in Horary Sports Astrology

Image by 0fjd125gk87 from Pixabay

The essential dignities are the foundation of the judgment if the team or player is strong but we also need to check other influences.

Next up – houses! Houses in Horary Sports Astrology are crucially important! In order to make the judgment of strong or weak by house, You need to have a basic understanding of the astrological houses.

In this introductory blog post, I will only give the very basic meanings of the houses in Horary Sports Astrology. I will go deeper in future blog posts. You can also differentiate with Angular, Succeedent, and Cadent houses but in this case, I only used Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable to keep things simple.

A video on these topics that explains it from a more traditional astrology perspective:

The descriptions of astrological houses in Horary Sports Astrology

1st house = Cardinal, active, positive house in Horary Sports Astrology.

2nd house = Fixed, slow, the house of helpers or with help in Horary Sports Astrology.

3rd house = Mutable, slower, house with changes.

4th house = Cardinal, active, positive but the action is not self-evident immediately. The team or person can take longer to get going for example.

5th house = Fixed, slow but lucky house in Horary Sports Astrology.

6th house = Mutable, slower and the most difficult house in Horary Sports Astrology. If the significator is weak can already mean loss or at the very least problems during the event. Injuries for example.

7th house = Cardinal, and fast, positive house in Horary Sports Astrology.

8th house = Fixed, slow, and also a very difficult house. But the 6th house is still the weakest.

9th house = Mutable, slower but also a lucky house. You can think of it as a good omen for the team or person competing.

10th house = Cardinal, fast, and the best house in Horary Sports Astrology. The house of victory or achievement. We want one of the significator planets in that house. Already a big sign that they have the potential to win.

11th house = Fixed, slow but a decent house in Horary Sports Astrology.

12th house = Mutable, slower, but can also bring a hidden element of luck. Not always associated with losses. Quite a tricky house to evaluate when placing bets or making predictions. I sometimes even don’t take a bet in that case. Or if I don’t have anything else that really sticks out.

How do the houses play in our example, Tottenham vs Leicester?

You can see that Tottenham is firmly in the 1st house = strong and fast. If I see a team or player in a strong and good house, with good dignity, I’m already quietly licking my lips because the probability that we can bet on this match is high.

What about Leicester?

This team was not doing well in that specific situation. Firmly placed in the 8th house.

By now, we have enough pieces in place to make the assessment that on that specific day and specific moment = Tottenham Hotspur was strong and Leicester was weak. Thus, we are one step closer to making a bet through Horary Sports Astrology.


In this first introductory blog post, I showed You how to take Your first steps in predicting a match or even winner through Horary Sports Astrology. In future blog posts, we are going to go even deeper and look at other influences that helped me personally to place a bet on Tottenham in this specific match, and win!

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