How to Make Money With Horary Sports Astrology?

I’ve shared a bunch of examples on how to make money with Horary Sports Astrology before here and here. In this post, I will show You how to truly trust the chart and put money on it even if the beginning of the match goes against You.

In short, I will demonstrate how to analyze a Horary Sports Astrology chart and bet real dollars on it in a LIVE betting environment.

Before You read further, please go check out posts herehere, here, and here. And even hereherehere, here, here, and here. These all explain what I’m about to do next if You haven’t read any of my previous work.

The Horary Sports Astrology chart

I really want to see this type of chart in Horary Sports Astrology

It was very hard to trust my intuition and analysis when I was just starting out with Horary Sports Astrology. Like with everything, it just takes time.

And sometimes in a LIVE environment, things go against me at first. Like they did in this game between Crystal Palace and Wolverhampton.

But I had a clear read of the situation and chart and decided to add to my bets even after Wolverhampton scored.

I will now show You why.

The strength of the significators

Can You spot from the chart who is the stronger team?

The home team Crystal Palace is represented by Venus with a decent score of +5 in the Essential Dignities chart.

The away team Wolverhampton is ruled by Mars traditionally (more important) and Pluto in modern times. Mars has a score of -5 Peregrine. Right off the bat, Crystal Palace takes the lead in the chart.

Victory or the 10th house cusp is ruled by Saturn traditionally (again, more important) and by Uranus in modern times (in this specific chart, also extremely important).

Losing in the chart is represented by Mercury.

The connections between the significators

If I connect the “dots” in the Horary Sports Astrology chart, predictions and bets are easier to make.

I like what Crystal Palace or Venus is doing in the Essential Dignities table. Venus is holding Saturn (the planet of Victory) in Exaltation and Wolves or Mars in Detriment. This basically means that they have a connection to Victory and are going to cause Wolves problems. It also adds a high probability of scoring against them.

When I analyze Mars in the Essential Dignities table, I can see that it keeps Mercury (the planet of loss) in both Rulership and Triplicity. This tells me that they want to lose and will do many things during the match that can cause them issues. And although they have a tiny connection to Saturn, it’s not enough. Losing has the upper hand here for the visiting Wolves.

Now I had to look at Saturn.

Saturn only has a connection by term to Venus. Nothing special but still a tiny advantage to Crystal Palace. It really started to add up here.

But I also had Mercury to think about.

Mercury is keeping Venus or Crystal Palace in Rulership (kind of ok or 50/50 for the home team) and Mars in Detriment. This is not good for the Wolves. This means that even the planet of loss is causing issues for the visiting team.


Learn to communicate with the planets through aspects, they always tell a story.

So far, my money will be going on Crystal Palace.

But if the aspects tell a very Wolves-sided story, this can change.

Venus itself is in a difficult house and has an aspect to Saturn (the planet of Victory). It is a separating trine aspect (more harmonious but leaving each other) with a 6-degree orb. So far still ok for Crystal Palace.

Mars or Wolverhampton also has a separating 6-degree orb trine aspect to Saturn. From aspects, they seem almost equal.

Unfortunately for Wolverhampton fans, they didn’t catch up from the perspective of aspects.

But what about the “special influences”?

Special influences

Sometimes the Horary Sports Astrology Gods smile upon me and offer a real gem of a chart!

There are three main special influences in the chart. I will list them according to their importance.

  • Uranus on the Ascendant or Crystal Palace.
  • North node on the Ascendant or home team.
  • South node on the Descendant, or Wolves in this case.

What do all of these mean?

Uranus is the modern ruler of Victory in the chart and is going into the 1st house and close to the Ascendant. This means that Crystal Palace has a true connection to Victory. Or they are “intimately” connected to Victory.

North node on the Ascendant means good things are about to come to the home team! Remember this!

South node on the Descendant means the so-called “bad” things are about to come to the away team! Put this into Your brain as well!

Without knowing the importance of these influences, I wouldn’t have been so certain of the outcome.

I went even further.

Uranus also has an applying aspect with Saturn. A square but still another indication that Crystal Palace will win the match.

And Uranus is keeping Mars or Wolves in Detriment = the probability of Crystal Palace scoring multiple times increases. Because now both Venus and Uranus, planets connected to Crystal Palace, hold Mars in a difficult position.

Crystal Palace has the advantage in all areas.

Making the bet and the money with Horary Sports Astrology

Betting with Horary Sports Astrology charts is much different than gambling on those coin drop machines at Your local pub!

This is where it gets truly wild with this chart! And what everyone is actually interested in! So how do we really make the money with the Horary chart analysis?

I know now that Crystal Palace has an incredibly high probability of winning. Should I go and bet the house?

Of course not. Proper bankroll management is always important!

But Crystal Palace is a huge favourite from the chart and we should act accordingly if we get a chart like this.

I had the privilege of watching the game LIVE and here is what I did having the knowledge that I had.

I took some wagers at the beginning of the match. All on Crystal Palace to win or Crystal Palace Draw No Bet.


And even more.

And even more proof of my wagers.

Some of You might be asking, why did You take the Draw No Bet option as well if You were so sure?

It was just a way to reduce and minimize risk. I always fall on the safe side when it comes to making real-money bets.

And then I added some bets after when Wolverhampton scored.

For some reason, the bookie that I used gave all the tickets the same time. To be fair, they happened around 5 minutes apart (or something along the lines of that). Maybe a glitch in their software.

And some more proof.

I decided to add to my initial bets because I was so sure about the outcome of the match.

I will explain it to the beginners out there.

When the team that You are betting for goes behind in the match, the odds of them winning in the bookie’s mind and software goes down. This means that the price that You are going to get for Your bet increases. Or in other words, if You bet again on the same result, You will win more money.

I can obviously ONLY do this if I’m watching and following the game LIVE myself and sometimes You need to act fast. And yesterday, I managed to do that!

Summary of How to make money with Horary Sports Astrology

Learn the foundations before and practice. Then the money will come.

In order to make money with Horary Sports Astrology You need to have a certain foundation:

  • Know the basics of Horary Astrology. This website is a good one to start with, so if You are reading this, You are on the right track!
  • Look at more and more charts! Like this one.
  • Practice and practice more! Without betting look at charts and predict the outcome of sporting events.
  • Learn the basics of betting.
  • Start making smaller bets.
  • Have a lot of patience! I very often skip betting on charts that I’m not confident on. Like this one.
  • Also, go and read this post and this one, they will help build Your foundation in Horary Sports Astrology.

Take Your time with this. It took me 2 years of constant betting and looking at charts, as well as studying Horary Astrology to start making money with Horary Sports Astrology.

And I had a strong background in more traditional astrology before that!

Patience young padawans, patience!

Happy learning, betting, and making money!

Horary Astrology Pro

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