How to Predict with Moon void of Course in Horary Sports Astrology?

In my previous post, I shared how I rarely bet when it’s Moon void, of course. And it’s true. I sometimes even disregard the chart immediately. But are there exceptions? Can I predict with Horary Sports Astrology when the Moon is void of Course?

The short answer is yes, it can be done. I will now share and show You a real-life example from a recent Premier League match between Chelsea and Wolverhampton.

The Horary Sports Astrology Chart

I will demonstrate an important distinction in the chart that allowed me to predict the result of the match as well as bet on it and make some money!

90% of the time, when I see Moon void of Course, I skip the betting side of matters immediately. But there are exceptions to every rule. And when I started to go deeper with Horary Sports Astrology, it became clear that I can benefit from an understanding of these intricacies in the chart.

Let’s predict with Horary Sports Astrology! I’ve also shared many of the things necessary for You, the reader, to follow the next paragraphs in my posts hereherehereherehere, and here. And even herehere, here, and here. Go check these out before You move on to the next paragraph.

The significators in the chart, their connections, and their strength

I noticed an important difference when it comes to evaluating the strength of the significators in the chart that allowed me to make a bet on the match.

Chelsea FC is in a strong position. It’s ruled by Saturn and has a score of + 8. I need to repeat that Saturn doesn’t do well in the 1st house but remember, it’s not in the same sign as the AS or Ascendant. The negative influence is not as strong.

Wolverhampton or Wolves is ruled by the Moon! The specific key to making this prediction. Moon has a negative score of -5 Peregrine. Not looking good heading into this match for the Wolves, I must add.

And they did sack their manager leading up to the game. A wrong decision in my opinion. The guy took them higher than expected last year.

If the Moon is void of Course and is representing one of the teams or Victory in the chart, our eyes should be open wide before putting money on them.

Victory in the chart is ruled by Mars traditionally and Pluto in a modern sense. Take modern rulership into account as an extra indicator.

The connections between the significators

I always check the Essential Dignities table to see if there are connections between the players and teams. Especially important to check the connection to the planet that is ruling Victory!

Saturn or Chelsea doesn’t really have a connecting point from the table. But this isn’t always a sign that they aren’t capable of winning the match.

What else is here?

The Moon or Wolverhampton has a weaker connection to Mars or Victory.

And what about Mars itself? Does it like someone more than the other?

It has a connection to Saturn or Chelsea by Triplicity and Term.

So far, Chelsea has a slight advantage.


Another form of connection between planets I check is aspects. Always check the aspects!

Chelsea or Saturn has a connection to the planet of Victory, Mars. It’s a separating trine but it’s only 4 degrees apart.

Remember, separating is weaker but it’s still a strong sign. Especially if only 4 degrees apart.

And this is the key to the prediction = the Moon or Wolverhampton has no applying aspects! That’s what Moon void of Course means. You can review Your knowledge here.

Although, the Moon has a separating square from Mars, the fact that it hasn’t got any applying aspects is making Wolves extremely weak in the match.

So far, I want to bet on Chelsea. Is there something else in the chart that is important?

Special influences in Predicting with Horary Sports Astrology

Sometimes I need to check for special and unique configurations even if I have a good idea of who will win the match.

I picked up on a couple of more interesting configurations that hint at the result for us.

First and foremost, Pluto is in the 1st house and close to the Ascendant or AS. Pluto is also the modern ruler of Victory in the chart.

Another 0.25 points for Chelsea to win.

The South node that is in the 10th house or house of Victory, is keeping the Moon or Wolverhampton in Fall. More for Chelsea to win and for Wolves to lose.

I even noticed that the Moon is sandwiched between Neptune (represents losses) and Jupiter. Jupiter rules the 12th house or losses in this specific chart.

By now, I knew that Chelsea was going to win.

Making the bet and prediction with Horary Sports Astrology

This chart was more like knowing that I’m going to hit Blackjack when I bet on Chelsea to win.

This chart was one of those clear-cut cases for me personally. It’s all Chelsea, all the way. No real hesitation here.

Chelsea has the upper hand in:

  • Essential dignity strength.
  • Aspects.
  • Special influences.
  • And Wolverhampton was extremely weak in the chart!

Although, I always urge people to manage their bankroll properly. Never more than 10 units on a match!

I went with Chelsea Money Line, and bagged myself some moolah!

Proof of my bet. So that You know that I’m walking my talk.

Happy predicting and betting!

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