How to Make a Winning Bet With a Horary Sports Astrology chart prediction?

In my previous post, I spoke about a difficult chart and how I decided not to risk money on it. This time, I will show You a Horary Sports Astrology chart prediction where I managed to make money as well.

But make no mistake, this wasn’t an easy one! I will show You how I played it safer and managed to take home a decent buck.

Horary Sports Astrology chart

I would like to preface this paragraph by saying a couple of important things before making a bet and even starting to look at a Horary Sports Astrology chart.

  • Make sure You have enough time! I always predict more accurately if I really take the time (and if I have it!) to go deep with a chart.
  • I start to look at a chart usually 30 minutes before the actual match or event begins. That way, I’m fully locked in and focused on the event itself.
  • I focus on potential rather than exact scores. It’s simple and works for me.
  • If I have a clear read (which doesn’t always happen for example during Moon void of course) then I also take the money bet in addition to the prediction. I take my time here as well.

The significators in the Horary Sports Astrology chart prediction

I’ve talked about significators a lot in my previous posts here, here, here, here, here, and here. And even here. Go check out those posts, it will lay the groundwork for what is about to happen here.

The home team or Arsenal is represented by Jupiter in the chart. An additional influence to consider immediately would be the Moon because it is in the 1st house.

The away team or Tottenham is represented by Mercury and we should also consider Mars because it is in the 7th house.

Both additional influences are far enough from the AC and DC (Ascendant and Descendant) that we can keep them as extra points.

Victory is ruled or represented by Venus in this case because we can’t use Mercury again (already represents Tottenham). We can look at the Sun for extra points again because it’s only 6 degrees away from Venus. (Go check my previous posts for a longer explanation.)

The strength of the significators

From the significators, it seems that Tottenham has the advantage. But is it as simple as that?

Arsenal looks decent here and has a total score of +2. Interesting to see that Jupiter holds Venus or the Victory in Detriment but the Sun (also connected to winning and Victory in this case) in Exaltation and by Triplicity.

One quick key point = If the significator is keeping Victory in Detriment or Fall alone, it doesn’t mean that the team or player will automatically lose. If it keeps Victory in BOTH Detriment and Fall, we need extra caution if we are about to bet on the team winning.

In this case, it meant that Arsenal took the lead but also let Tottenham come back into the match briefly by allowing them to score.

Tottenham on the other hand seems quite strong. Mercury is extremely forceful, having a score of +10. But Mercury is stationary, about to turn direct. I will write a special chapter on retrograde and stationary planets in the future. I will put it briefly = some caution is needed already here when You notice S or Rx below the planet or significator.

I believe it’s also quite important to mention that Tottenham is keeping victory by Triplicity (good) and also in Fall (bad). And Jupiter in Detriment. Or Arsenal. This is my favourite indicator that the team is going to score against the other in football Horary Sports Astrology charts. And Tottenham did score!

So far = Tottenham has the upper hand!

But before we rush to put out money on the underdog, we need to check the chart even more thoroughly!

The aspects between the significators

The devil is in the details in Horary Sports Astrology!

The most important aspect is the aspect to the Victory ruler or in this case Venus.

Tottenham or Mercury doesn’t have an aspect to Venus. Nor the Sun. Not so good for Tottenham anymore.

How about Arsenal?

They have an exact opposition to Venus! One big significator of winning this aspect! (It will come hard but high potential that it will come type aspect!)

Let’s look at other aspects to Mercury or Tottenham. Mercury is getting (although separating) an aspect (opposition) from Neptune. Like I said in my previous posts, a hard aspect from Neptune can mean loss. Especially if it’s the ruler of the 6th, 8th, or 12th house. In this case, Neptune doesn’t rule any of those houses but it’s definitely a – point for Tottenham.

If You consider all the other aspects, Tottenham has a slight advantage in strength but the fact it doesn’t have an aspect to victory ruler Venus = diminishes the importance of other aspects.

Arsenal has a higher probability of winning the match from the perspective of aspects. Quite 50/50 so far. I started to think about a draw here.

But we have more!

Extra and key indicators in this Horary Sports Astrology chart prediction

Before You start counting the money, make sure You evaluate the entire Horary Sports Astrology chart!

I didn’t mention Mars yet too much but it’s a key player in the chart. Go back and look at the chart example and see if You can figure it out. It took me quite a bit to see the connection.

Mars rules or represents the 12th house = the house of losses. And it’s in the 7th house of the away team or Tottenham. This is the key to making this prediction. And then we add the rest of the aspects.

Mars also has a separating square to Tottenham or Mercury. And an applying square to Neptune the planet of losses. So many hard aspects and all in Tottenham’s “court” or house.

We must also remind ourselves that Tottenham had no aspect to the representative of Victory or Venus in the chart. But Arsenal did! And an applying one!

An applying aspect, even a hard one, is a more important and stronger indicator of an event than a separating one. In this case, winning!

Now I was sure that Arsenal had the chops for winning this match, and the best Tottenham could have hoped for from the event was a draw.

Making the bet

I always like to play it safer rather than go “Gung-ho” with these bets. I could have taken Arsenal Money Line and at times I like to mix and match. Reduce risk a little.

I took Arsenal DNB or Draw no Bet. That means that if in the off chance of Tottenham getting something out of the match should play out, I at least get my money back. Sometimes I add smaller amounts to the Money Line. Looking back at it = I should have done so!

Arsenal won the match in the end 3-1.


I always evaluate the entire Horary Sports Astrology chart in my predictions. This is why I like to take the time with the chart and match itself. I remember in my earlier days of making these predictions, I rushed immediately if I saw such an advantage in strength from the significators.

Avoid that mistake and do Your best to evaluate all the important pieces in the chart. Especially before making a real money bet!

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