What if it’s a DRAW? An Intricate Horary Sports Astrology Chart

I mentioned the problem while forming the question in our Horary Sports Astrology chart here. What if the result of the match is a draw?

Predicting a draw with Horary Sports Astrology is a tricky matter and we need to take many configurations into account. While keeping in mind the best practices for betting strategies. Let’s dig in!

The Horary Sports Astrology chart example

An exceptionally difficult Horary Sports Astrology chart.

I managed to catch a recent England vs Germany Nations League football match and pull up a chart during it. It was a proper dog fight this one!

And it’s all reflected in the chart itself. Funny how that works…

When I joined in on the action, Germany or in this case Venus was leading the way 0-1.

I will walk You through the exact process that led me to a high probability prediction.

Remember, it is hard always to get the exact result. Sometimes, we need to predict a high potential scenario. More on that later in the “Making a bet with Horary Sports Astrology chart” section.

Identifying the significators in the Horary chart

I’ve shared a lot about significators here, here, here, here, here, and here.

The home team England is ruled by Mars (the Ascendant is in the sign of Aries). Mars has a score of +3 in the essential dignities table. They are situated in the 2nd house. So far, England is at least decent.

The away team Germany is ruled by Venus and they have a score of -2. They are also keeping themselves in Fall. This means they will make a mistake during the game costing them big. And in fact, they did make a foolish challenge in the penalty box and gave away a dubious penalty.

The victory is ruled by Saturn (the 10th house cusp is in the sign of Capricorn), and Pluto is in the same house as well.

So far = advantage England.

The connections between planets

We always need to check the connections between the planets in a Horary Sports Astrology chart.

England and Germany both (Mars and Venus) are keeping each other in mutual reception by term. Usually, this means that they both like the matchup. Not really a telling part if we want to predict who wins. Neither of them doesn’t have a connection to Saturn (the planet that rules victory = our first clue). No real connection to winning the match.

Let us bring Pluto to the equation as well because it is in the 10th house. An important piece of the puzzle.

If any influence or planet is in the 10th house = we need to check for connections between the significators (the home and away team or player).

In this case, Pluto is keeping Mars in Exaltation (a positive sign for England) but nothing else.

The real juice of this chart is in the aspects.

The aspects between the significators

We have a conundrum in this chart. Both Saturn and Pluto have a connection to the 10th house our victory. So we, the astrologers, must then check both of the connections to both of the teams.

Venus or Germany has an exact (pertile) aspect to Pluto. A positive sign for them. But on the other hand, Mars the ruler of England has an applying aspect to Saturn. Under a degree apart.

This was the key for me in the Horary Sports Astrology chart to make a prediction.

So far we know that the teams are quite evenly matched. We can say that England has a slight advantage because of their essential dignities and house position.

But remember! I erected this chart when the score was already 0-1 In favour of Germany! England has to have an advantage to even get out of the situation.

Making a bet with a Horary Sports Astrology chart

Consider Your options before making an actual real-money and real-life bet with a Horary Sports Astrology chart.

One tiny secret I need to tell You about Horary Sports Astrology = we are looking for the highest potential. Or the highest probability of outcomes. It is extremely hard to predict every match or event 100%.

This is why we take extra care when making a bet.

If we use this Horary chart as an example, and knowing that England is a slight favourite = do we rush to put all the money on England to win? No!

Options for the actual bet

  1. DC or Double chance on England. This means that if England draws or wins the match, we win the bet. Some bookies don’t really offer this option but if You can get it, in these types of close scenarios it is always the best bet. And England was down 0-1, we can get good odds for the Horary Sports Astrology chart here (even if we miss something it’s still an ok bet.)
  2. DNB or draw no bet. This means that if England wins we win the be. If the game ends in a draw, we get our money back. You can get better odds with this one but England has to win in order to make a profit.
  3. Draw. This means that the game has to end in a draw in order for us to make money on the bet. Otherwise, we lose. Odds are usually better but it really has to be in the chart! Mostly I recommend the first two options. If You are just predicting and not betting, it’s not a huge deal here.
  4. Money Line = England has to win in order for us to make money on the bet. Every other result, we lose our money. If the chart is so EVEN I recommend going with the first two options. You will make more money in the long run. Which is the most important thing.

Summary predicting a DRAW in a Horary Sports Astrology chart

As You can see, at times we are working with thin margins and close games. The Horary chart gives us hints but when we are betting on the match, we have to think about also the monetary side of things.

The game ended in a draw, 3-3.

I decided not to bet on it because of these extremely tight conditions in the chart.

In the next blog post, I will demonstrate a chart where the conditions were similar (extremely equal teams) but with an important difference! And I ended up taking the bet as well, and making some money from it!

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