My BEST bet and prediction with Horary Sports Astrology

I’ve shared a lot of football predictions and bets I have made with Horary charts in the previous posts here, here and here. But this specific Horary chart is from the 2021 NBA playoffs. In other words, basketball.

I wanted to share this chart because it is somewhat contradictory and yet illustrates the point “You must always evaluate the entire chart” in Horary astrology.

This was also one of the most successful bets I’ve ever made using Horary Sports Astrology.

The Backstory

The backstory here was that it was the first game of the best of seven series between the Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Hawks.

The Bucks were the overwhelming favourites going into the series and game. Whenever there’s a big favourite, I like to pick that game for a prediction. The chances of getting better odds for Your bet are higher. And nobody really expects an upset to happen.

But I also had my own ideas about that game that at first seemed to cloud my predictive and astrological abilities.

The Bucks were also at home, strong and matched up quite well. The Hawks were young and had a matchup advantage in only one position. The logical side of my brain was saying “the Bucks will win”.

Logic is good in Horary Sports Astrology but sometimes You need to trust the chart itself.

Horary chart of Bucks vs Hawks, NBA playoffs 2021, game 1

An annoyingly contradictory Horary chart if You ask me.

The significators

If You have been reading my previous posts here, here and here, You know already that the first thing to do is identify the signficators.

The Milwaukee Bucks is the Ascendant or Mercury in this case (the home team).

The away team (Atlanta Hawks) is represented by two planets in this case but mainly Jupiter. We must consider Neptune in this chart as well.

Whenever one of the teams or players in a Horary Sports Astrology chart is ruled by a traditional and modern planet = we need to consider both. This following line actually made me a decent amount on this bet.

As the 10th house cusp is ruled again by Mercury, we need to look at the next house or Cancer in this case. Victory is ruled by the Moon.

Connections between the significators in a Horary chart + their strength

Surprisingly You can see that the Atlanta Hawks or Jupiter is quite strong in this case with a score of +9. At the same time, Mercury is + 5 so the Bucks aren’t no slouches either in the game.

What about the connections?

Jupiter is keeping Mercury or the Bucks in Detriment and Fall! A double negative like this really tells the story that the Hawks are capable of causing problems to the Bucks in this away game.

The Bucks are strong and are also capable of showing teeth by keeping Jupiter in Detriment but the advantage here goes to the underdogs Hawks with the double negative.

But what about the victory or Moon line? Always important to check that! You can see that Moon likes Jupiter or the Hawks by rulership. This is a positive omen for the A-town team. And most importantly = the Moon is keeping Mercury in detriment. Victory doesn’t really like the Bucks in this case.

By now it really started to add up for me.

Houses and aspects

In order to bet on the underdog, we need to have a bigger advantage in the Horary chart.

We need as much as we can get when we are considering betting on the underdog. This was a hard lesson that I learned personally.

From the previous chapter, You can see that we have quite a bit already.

What about the houses and aspects?

In this specific chart, houses are one way of making a bigger mistake.

Mercury is in the 10th house of victory (a good sign for the Bucks) but remember, the 10th house cusp had the same ruler as our Ascendant or the home team. That means that the next house rules victory, thus the Bucks or Mercury is not truly in the house of victory.

Jupiter or the Hawks are in the 6th house. A difficult house in Horary Sports Astrology. But it’s easy to put more importance on houses.

The dignity table and the connections there is still the bigger influence! Keep that in mind!

Extra influences

In this specific Horary chart, we really need to consider Neptune as well. If You read the following posts here, here and here, You will understand why.

Neptune rules the 7th house or the Atlanta Hawks. And it’s very close to the Descendant or the team. So the team itself is represented by Neptune. Very important in this Horary chart!

Now, let’s look at the essential dignity table and the Neptune line. What do we see there?

Neptune is again (like Jupiter) keeping Mercury (or the Bucks) in Detriment and Fall!

One of the keys to this specific prediction!

Although, I have spoken about Neptune can represent loss at times in Horary Sports Astrology charts = it does not guarantee it. Especially in this case.


Neptune rules the 7th house itself or the team or player. In this case the Atlanta Hawks. This makes a world of difference.

If Neptune ruled the 6th, the 8th, or even the 12th house = we would be giving a different assessment of the situation in the Horary chart.

Putting it all together in a Horary chart

While we are assessing this Horary chart, this little guy is thinking about bigger things…

The key in this specific Horary chart was to assess the essential dignities table and add Neptune. There was also a chance of making a big mistake through the house position.

When we are evaluating an underdog vs favourite situation = we also need more influences than just an advantage in the essential dignities strength table.

In this specific Horary chart = we also had the co-ruler Neptune double negative and the ruler of victory Moon keeping the home team in a negative position. This means we had a lot of bigger influences causing the favourite problems. A high probability for the underdog to lose small. In this case, they also happened to win.

To reduce risk, You can always play the handicap + line with the underdog. Although I personally also took the money line for the Hawks. Thus making it one of my best predictions and bets to date!

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