How to learn Horary Astrology?

Many people contact me and ask the tough question “How to learn Horary astrology?” There’s no simple or easy answer to this question. But I will explain the foundations that You need to start learning Horary Astrology.

The basics of traditional astrology

An example of a printed-out astrological chart.

Whenever You think about branching out and gathering new knowledge You need to ask Yourself “Do I have the necessary foundations laid already?”

If the answer to this is no, then You must go back and get the basics right. And by basics, I mean basics in traditional astrology. You at least need to know the signs and houses. Then You can start thinking about Horary astrology. I added some links in the paragraph, go check them out now. As well as a free YouTube video series about How to read a birth chart. You will get all the basic knowledge there.

It will be hard to make accurate predictions through Horary astrology if You don’t have the following right:

  1. The meaning of the astrological signs.
  2. The meaning of astrological houses. I shared the basic meanings of the houses here.
  3. What are the aspects? How to use them? What do certain aspects mean? I explain some of the basics here.

If You are a beginner with astrology, I recommend this free series on YouTube here:

What else do You need to learn Horary astrology?

An example of a printed out chart

Time, and lots of it. I’m a big fan of learning by doing. If You continuously just keep Your nose in books and theory, You will not learn from real life. And especially important if You are interested later in branching out to Horary Sports Astrology. Just one subsidiary of Horary astrology that I talk about a lot here and here.

What do I mean when I say “learning by doing”?

Once You know the basics of traditional astrology (signs, houses, aspects) go and read my introductory blog posts about Horary astrology here and here. You will have enough on Your hands to make the first predictions.

Once You start making real-life predictions, take as many notes about the situation as You can! Go back to the chart and look at it again with fresh eyes. What did You miss? What did You get right? This is the most crucial part of learning Horary astrology! Actually using it!

This is also one of the reasons why I recommend Horary Sports Astrology to learn Horary astrology. Sports are going on 24/7 these days. You can always open up a streaming service, open up a chart in Your preferred software, and start predicting with Horary astrology. Make sure to follow the event. Watch the match and make notes. Best way to learn. You can do this with more mundane events as well like “Will they call me back?” or “Will I get that job?” But these events don’t come up as often as a Premier League match for example. You can practice multiple times every week.

A lesson in Horary Astrology

Now that we know what it takes, and what kind of foundation we need, it’s time to truly start with Horary astrology. I know many of You are eager to get going but don’t skip the steps mentioned above. Very hard to read a Horary astrology chart if You don’t know the meaning of the signs or houses.

Asking the questions

You don’t actually need a crystal ball for accurate predictions. Learn and practice Horary astrology instead!

An underrated part of Horary astrology. When in traditional astrology You can just get the birth data (when it’s a person) and name the chart John Smith. And in mundane astrology, You take the event and the time of the event, and that’s it, in Horary astrology, there’s much more emphasis on the actual question that we want more information for.

Remember, in Horary, we are asking a question or requesting more information about the current situation of what is happening right now. Yes, it can show as the near future as well but we are casting a chart for the current moment.

I’ve also noticed that the better-formed question or the clearer the question = the easier to read the chart.

Put some effort and work into the question. A good general rule = I should be able to answer yes or no to the question. Or one or the other.

Bad examples of questions:

  • When will I marry? = if a person is not dating anyone specific yet, it’s too early to ask that question.
  • Will the markets go up? = too vague, specify the market and how it pertains to You personally. Horary is about asking personal questions directed either towards the client or whoever is asking the question.
  • Will my friend’s business project take off? = the question has nothing to do with You or Your current situation.

Good examples of questions:

  • Is so and so cheating on me?
  • Is this 1998 Pontiac Firebird car good for me to buy?
  • Is gold a good investment for me personally?

Asking questions in Horary Sports Astrology

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

As this website is mainly focused on sports astrology we also need to consider specific questions for sporting events.

When I first started out I always asked “Who will win Manchester United or Manchester City?”

There’s a problem with that type of question that makes it not accurate. If You follow football You know that the match can end in a draw. Already making our question problematic. What if the result is a draw? The question doesn’t make any sense then.

What about if it’s tennis for example? Can we ask “Who will win Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic?”

I still have a problem with it because of unknown events. The match can be postponed for example.

What I like best is “What’s the result of Manchester United vs Manchester City? Premier League.” I always add the competition name = so it’s clear what event I’m asking the question for.

Or “What’s the result Roger Federer vs Novak Djokovic? Davis Cup semi-finals.” = always add the stage of the competition as well. Whoever is placed as the “home” player goes to the left. Or is the Ascendant in the chart.

Remember, the home team or player always goes to the left!

The time and place for the chart

When in traditional astrology we place the chart to the actual place of birth, and the time to that specific time zone, in Horary astrology we always set the chart to the place and time of the astrologer. Or the person asking the question. If person comes to You as a client = Your time and place. When You ask it for Yourself = Your time and place.

Here it is important to remember that You personally are doing the prediction. In that place and during that time. This is the reasoning behind it.

When I cast I chart, I always remember that I’m tuning into whatever is going on here in this very second with whatever topic I’m consulting Horary for.

For the more left-brain people = whether You like it or not, there’s this thing called “energy” that flows all around us and through us. Even if we have all the logical processes in place = “the unknown” world of energy is constantly communicating with us. Even when we are predicting people cheating on us or the results of sporting events.

After casting the chart

Congratulations! You have finally cast (finally!) a Horary chart. I also speak about the house system as well as the type of astrology to use here and here. Go read these articles again. Repetition is Your friend when You are learning a new branch of astrology for the first time.

This blog post is especially important in order to make the first judgments with the chart.

After You learn to identify the significators in a chart I suggest You write them down first. It will be easier to practice.

The first steps after casting a chart:

  1. Identify the significators. The AC is always You (or the home team). The other significator is always dependent on the question You are asking.
    • A question about marriage or business partner = look at the 7th house.
    • A question about a lover = look at the 5th house.
    • A question about real estate or property = look at the 4th house.
    • A question about a vehicle = look at the 3rd house.
    • A question about a new job or career = look at the 10th house.
    • A question about a new career and old job = look at the 10th house for a new job and the 6th house to evaluate the old job.
    • Whenever I say house I also mean the ruler of the house!
  2. Evaluate the strength of the significators using the essential dignities table.
  3. Add aspects.
  4. The Moon is the co-significator of the person asking the question or the astrologer. Evaluate the Moon for extra knowledge.

A lot of astrologers like to check the radicality of the chart. Which in ancient times meant checking to see if “it’s the right time for the question”.

I personally don’t do that anymore. What I found after practising and testing a lot = when I’m already in a place of wanting to cast a Horary chart, it is the right time for the question. No need to check anything else.

Recommended books to learn Horary astrology in a traditional way

I personally use only one Horary astrology book which is actually three books in one. It’s called “Christian Astrology three volumes in one” by William Lilly. It is written in old English and quite hard to read but it’s really good.

An image of my own personal copy that is a bit worn out already but still good.

You can get the book here but I will also earn a small commission if You decide to get it. If You don’t know where the start and would like to start for under 50 $, I recommend You read the blog posts on this website and get the book. More than enough to get Yourself going and start making predictions in a few months.

Look at the size of this thing! But there’s a lot of valuable information in it that is still valid to this day.


Now You know the basics and You have a good start in how to learn Horary astrology. In the following blog posts, I will share examples of real-life charts and we will look at the intricacies of what it means to predict sporting events, or how to see if the new job is better than the old one.

Until next time!

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