Horary Chart Examples – How to Learn Horary Astrology?

In this post, we will look at a Horary chart example. And I will also bring in a new Horary Sports Astrology chart. Both of these charts were real-life events I used them to make decisions in the real world. One is about choosing between job offers. And the other is a prediction of a football match (I also bet on the matches according to the predictions).

If You don’t know where to start with learning Horary Astrology, I already wrote 3 introductory blog posts here, here, and here. Go check them out! It will be easier to follow this post.

Example 1 – Horary chart example

I used this chart to make a decision between two corporate jobs. And I’m glad I used it.

Horary chart example. From my own personal collection.

There are many difficulties with this specific chart but let’s start with the significators like I’ve taught You in previous posts here, here, and here.

Couple of words before that about forming the question if You are choosing between two jobs. I like “Which job is more beneficial for me in the long run, the new or the old?” Quite simple. But You can also go with “Should I take the new offer or stay with the old company?” In the end, both of these will give You the results You require.

The significators – Horary chart example

I’m the Ascendant in this case, Cancer has the house cusp in the first house. This means I’m ruled by the Moon.

The old job has it’s house cusp (the 6th house) in the sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter rules the old job.

The new job has it’s house cusp in the sign of Pisces. Does this mean that Jupiter also rules the new job? No! Whenever I have two houses that are traditionally ruled by the same planet or luminary = we look at the next house cusp in Horary astrology!

In this case the new job has it’s house cusp in the sign of Aries. Mars rules the new job.

Now we finally have our significators. Moon, Jupiter, and Mars. What now?

A lot of You want to start assessing the strength of these planets but is there something else we should be paying attention to?

Moon void of course in Horary astrology

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Moon void of course means that the Moon is NOT making a major applying aspect to any of the other planets. Traditional or modern. I spoke about applying and separating aspects in this blog post.

Why is this important?

The Moon represents our feelings, emotions, intuition, and contrary to popular belief these all pay a huge part in our lives. Making decisions, reading Horary charts, picking careers = just to name a few. When Moon is not making an applying aspect, our feelings, emotions, and intuition can be “out of whack”. Hard to make good decisions during this period.

In Horary astrology, I’ve found that Moon void of course is a big significator of a no! So in this case it already raises the question if the new job would be even good for the person?

Let us investigate further.

The strength of the significators

Go look at the example chart above and look at the essential dignities table. What can You see where Moon is?

Moon has a score of -9 and is Peregrine. The lower the score the worse the situation for the person involved. It also talks about the state that the person is in. I wasn’t pleased with the situation at the current place of work. The higher the score, the better the situation for the individual or the position that they are in.

Does the Moon have any connection to the other significators, Mars or Jupiter?

Moon is keeping Mars in rulership. This very often means that the person likes the job or career opportunity. And even really likes it. This was true in my case. This would have been in my mind a step further in my career and great opportunity to do what I desire. But the head can be deceiving at times!

How is the new job itself doing by dignity?

Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay

Mars is not doing great as You can see. The score is -10 and it’s also Peregrine.

This often means that there are problems in the company. Or the department You are going in is not doing great. There are issues present.

You can also see that Mars is keeping itself in Detriment. Very often an indication that something that the company is doing at their core is not good for them. Here we can analyze the situation further because Mars is in the sign of Taurus. Taurus represents money. Mars is also in the 11th house. We can make the assessment that the long-term projects (11th house) are not financially (Taurus) lucrative in the long-term (11th house).

Is there any connection to any of the other significators?

Mars is keeping the Moon exalted.

Whenever the company is keeping the person in running for the role in exaltation or rulership = they really like the person and want to hire them.

This was the case. They had already made me an offer for the position and had even raised their initial offer a tiny bit after negotiating.

What about the old job? How is Jupiter doing?

When I look at the Jupiter line I don’t really see any connection to the rest of the significators. Especially important should be the Moon (or me) in a job case. I don’t want to see Moon in the Fall or Detriment lines in this case.

That would mean that the old or current job would cause me problems. Or the workload is unfair etc. Or the company can even be abusing the person.

But Jupiter is not holding me (or the Moon) in any of the other lines as well. This often means that the company doesn’t really care that much about the person. That seemed like the case during that time.

The dignity score of Jupiter is somewhat ok at +2. The company is in a somewhat solid place.

Houses and aspects

By this moment I had already made the decision but I did check the houses and aspects just in case.

Whenever I see Moon void of course and such a negative score + essential dignities line in a career or work type question = the answer is most likely no. Or even no to the company that gets such a low momentary assessment. This was a bad one.

By house, the Moon (or me) is in the luckiest house so that is a positive sign for me personally. We already talked about the position of Mars by house in a previous chapter. But what about Jupiter.

Jupiter is in the 8th house. As You might remember, the 8th house is one of the difficult houses as described here. But is it always negative?


The 8th house is also power and transformation. During the V crisis, the company was heavily supported by the government because it’s such a big employer in the country. As well as it was going through a bigger transformation within the company itself. The 8th house can have it’s moments.

The aspects

As we said before, the Moon is void of course. There are no applying aspects to it. I do always check even the separating major aspects but a word of caution = these are much weaker. And talk about more about what was in the past.

What about Mars, the new job? Applying sextile to Neptune, applying trine to Pluto, applying a square with Venus but everything else is separating already. It is not looking too good for the new job. But we can say that at least the aspects are somewhat decent = the new job has some support and it’s not all doom and gloom.

How about Jupiter, the old job? Jupiter already has an advantage through the dignities. House position = the new job wins but not by a big margin. By aspects, Jupiter is not doing great either. Only Venus is applying, everything else is separating.

Now we have enough to make the decision.

The decision

Horary astrology really helps with hard decisions in life.

I must admit, I had made the decision already after seeing Moon void of course and the dignities table. Things were looking really bad by that point.

I was disappointed but I decided to stay with the old company which later turned out to be the right decision.


The new company let go of their CEO who was one of the biggest reasons they wanted me so much. And we started a start-up company on the side instead. They also changed a lot in their staff and the person who would have been my direct supervisor (and I had a great connection with) = also changed jobs. It was a bit of a mess just a couple of months after I had made that decision.

And even the old job turned out nicely. I go a remote role which meant I could work from home a lot more.

Overall, I believe it’s a great example of Moon void of course and the dignity table working out nicely.

Horary Sports Astrology Example – Horary chart example

Horary chart example. From my own personal collection.

The above Horary chart example is for the recent Europa League match Sheriff vs Manchester United, group stage. We have some interesting configurations happening here, let’s dissect it.

Moon void of course and the significators – Horary chart example

I immediately noticed Moon void of course here and those of You who read the previous chapters carefully already know what this means. Not a great omen for us straight off the bat!

Sheriff is ruled by Saturn here traditionally and also in the 1st house 6 degrees away from the Ascendant. Keep that in mind for later because this is a very strong configuration that I will explain later. Saturn is strong with a dignity score of +8. And furthermore, they are keeping the Sun or Manchester United in detriment. They are capable of causing the perceived stronger team in the match at least problems.

I have mentioned that it can mean scoring goals against the team but it doesn’t guarantee it! The match ended 0-2 in favour of Manchester by the way.

How about the Sun or Manchester United in this case? Their score is -5 and Peregrine. This can mean that the team is weakened but it never guarantees a loss. Especially during a Moon void of course.

And we also have the ruler of victory or the 10th house Mars. This is one of the biggest keys to making this prediction. Mars is keeping Saturn by Triplicity, with no connection to the Sun.

Saturn in the first house in Horary Sports Astrology

Saturn in the 1st house can bring loss in Horary Sports Astrology.

Even if Saturn is strong, the closer it is to the AC = bad news for the Ascendant team. In this case Sheriff.

Saturn causes problems, blockages, issues, and hardships. In this match, Sheriff managed to frustrate Manchester United (Saturn keeping Sun in detriment) but even the referee gave away a questionable penalty against Sheriff. Thus leading to a 0-2 victory for the visitors from Manchester.

Saturn close to the Ascendant = is one of the biggest indicators of loss in Horary Sports Astrology. Please remember, IT DOES NOT GUARANTEE IT! The whole chart needs to be evaluated.

Sun in the 7th house but close to the 8th house cusp

Whenever a planet is in an angular house (1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th) and is within 6 degrees of the next house cusp = it can be considered already in the next house.

I personally learned this rule from traditional Horary astrology but have brought it to Horary Sports Astrology as well. But I approach it carefully. More data is needed for this. I’ve even used a 4-degree orb successfully in this case.

The Sun or Manchester is in the 8th house because it’s on 22 degrees of Virgo and the 8th house cusp is on 23 degrees.

So far it seems that Sheriff is stronger. Not entirely.

It serves to remember that neither of the planets is in the 10th house. And Saturn is 6 degrees apart from the Ascendant or Sheriff in retrograde motion = getting closer to Sheriff. This often means that “loss is coming”.

When checking for houses in Horary Sports Astrology always check the 10th house first!


The most important aspects are still the aspects to Mars or victory in this case. Unless there is a conjunction happening with Part of Fortune and one of the significators like explained here.

Who has the upper hand here?

Mars and Sun are separating from each other (square). And Saturn and Mars are applying (trine) to one another. Again advantage to Sheriff? Be careful here!

Special considerations in Horary Sports Astrology

Whenever we have Moon void of course it should already bring Your suspicion levels to 100% when assessing a Horary astrology chart. Or the same with the Horary Sports Astrology chart.

If You see Saturn in the 1st house and close to the Ascendant, Your suspicions should now go to 200%.

Even if Sheriff was stronger than Manchester by dignity and aspect = Saturn in the first and close to the Ascendant was enough, in this case, to bring loss to Sheriff and victory to Manchester.

I mostly like skipping Moon void of course charts for betting. I’m glad I decided similarly with this chart.

Remember, no need to force a bet or prediction if all is not clear.

Summary – Horary chart example

I brought these Horary chart examples on purpose. They both show the usage of the Moon void of course and the difficulty it brings. And sometimes, even if things “seem crystal clear” we need to know the intricacies as well to make predictions and bets in a real-life environment.

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