Getting the Prediction Right With Horary Sports Astrology – But Losing the Bet?

In my previous posts about Horary Sports Astrology and betting with Horary charts, I’ve shared a bunch of examples (here, here) where I managed to make money from Horary Sports Astrology bets. But how about the mistakes that I’ve made? You must be asking, is it just printing money with these charts?

The short and simple answer is no. It takes a lot of time and practice, and still to this day, at times I make a mistake. This post will be about getting the prediction right but making the mistake on the betting side of things.

Let’s dive in!

The Horary Sports Astrology chart for the bet

Looking back at it, I should have been ok with just the prediction with this Horary chart. But I had to go and make a bet as well…

Some of You readers out there might be noticing that this is quite a similar chart to this one, and You are right. It is and that is why I found the prediction itself easier to come to.

But I will walk You through my thought process anyway because we have a couple of differences.

The significators, their strength, and connections

Manchester City here is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is decent with a score of +2. Interesting to mention the Moon here. I usually don’t like the influence so much (less strong) if it’s in the same house but in a different sign. Remember, the closer it is to the angle the more we should consider it!

Manchester United is represented by Mercury and the essential dignity strength is seen by the score of +10. But! Like I explained in this post (go read it now), it’s still stationary.

Victory is represented by Venus in the chart with extra credit going to the Sun because it is IN the 10th house.

The connections between the planets

The connection or aspect between the planets is an important part of making a bet with Horary Sports Astrology charts.

Jupiter or Manchester City really wants to win, holding the Sun in Exaltation and by Triplicity. It is holding Venus or victory in Detriment but alone this is not enough to deny them of victory if other configurations hint at winning!

Manchester United or Mercury has a connection to winning in a positive and negative way. With keeping Venus in Triplicity (good) and Fall (bad). And keeping Jupiter in Detriment = which usually means that they will at least score once. Which they did.

I can sit here and say that by strength United has the upper hand? Yes but there’s more to the chart.

Aspects and other important influences in the Horary Sports Astrology chart

You might be getting annoyed because I repeat this in every analysis but the most important aspect in Horary Sports astrology is the significators aspect (hard or harmonious) to the planet that represents victory!

Manchester City or Jupiter has a separating opposition to Venus. Manchester United or Mercury has no aspect. One of the keys to making this prediction.

Manchester United also has a separating opposition to Neptune = one of the planets associated with losing.

But most importantly!

Mars, the planet that rules the 12th house of losses = is conjunct the 7th house or the away team (Manchester United).

The tighter the conjunction with a planet that represents the loss in a chart, the stronger the indication or probability.

Making the bet

Making the bet is an important skill to master if You want to make money from Horary Sports Astrology and not just predict events.

After seeing this, I was convinced that Manchester City will win the derby. But what about making the bet?

Although Manchester United was going to lose that match, my faulty logic here was “They are strong in the chart, I can take the + handicap.”

So I took the +1,75 handicap in favour of ManU. Not my best decision. That means that ManU can lose by 1 goal = I win the bet. And even if they lose by 2 goals, I get half my money back. Solid logic?

Not in this case!

I will share something important with You now, make a note of it!

The strength of the team or player in the Horary Sports Astrology chart doesn’t signify losing big or losing small. Don’t use this as an indication to play the handicap line!


Because the odds were so much in City’s favour and the Horary chart hinted the same = I should have skipped the bet and just enjoyed the match!

Skipping the bet happens more often than not in Horary Sports Astrology betting. It’s an important skill to master. Patience is needed in this profession!

I hope You learn from my mistake!

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