How to Live Bet With Horary Sports Astrology?

When I’m using Horary Sports Astrology in my predictions and bets, at times, the odds are not good enough to bet on the pre-match lines. The Horary chart is giving me the prediction on a silver platter but I can’t bet on the match because the odds are so much in favour of one of the teams or players.

What can we do?

If I see the chart pointing to the underdog taking the lead or at least scoring, I very often use Live betting options.

I will share how to use Live betting with Horary Sports Astrology in the following post.

The Horary Sports Astrology chart I used for my Live bet

This came in a recent Europa League match where Omonia Nicosia was a huge underdog against Manchester United at home. The chart has a really tough configuration.

When I see a huge underdog and a big favourite going head to head, I lick my lips because these are games that hold much potential in betting. Especially if the chart is right.

And this time, the chart was ripe for it. To make things clear, Manchester United ended up winning the match barely. And this is what I want in these charts and bets.

Let’s analyse the chart! I’ve also shared many of the things necessary for You, the reader, to follow the next paragraphs in my posts here, here, here, here, here, and here. And even here, here, and here. Go check these out before You move on to the next paragraph.

The significators in the chart, their connections, and their strength

It was a bit of a David vs Goliath-type meeting on the pitch. But these are opportunities if You know where to look!

Omonia Nicosia is ruled by Saturn in the chart and has decent strength of +8. But it is in the 1st house. Saturn doesn’t do well here.

The closer Saturn is in the chart to the Ascendant (in this chart it’s DIRECTLY ON) the worse it is for the home team. The same thing applies when it’s connected to the Descendant in the opposite house. Or the away team.

Please remember this and come back to it when I’m sharing how to make the bet in the chapters below!

Manchester United is represented by the Sun and boy, they are in trouble with a score of -9 Peregrine in the essential dignities table. The team has experienced a dip in form, and just had a massive defeat in a derby game. Their performances have been “sporadic” at best.

Victory in the chart is ruled by Jupiter.

The connections between the significators

We want to see important connections between the planets (or lack thereof) to make an accurate prediction and bet!

Saturn or Omonia Nicosia has no connection to Jupiter or Victory (our first clue). But it’s keeping Manchester United in Detriment (our second clue). High probability that Omonia Nicosia will score at least once during the match. At the very least, I’ve seen this mean that they will frustrate their opponent for a long time.

Manchester United or the Sun is keeping themselves in Fall! An extremely important line and will be our 3rd clue. This means that the team or player will make a mistake during the match that will cost them dearly. And during the first half, Manchester United literally gave away a goal because of a defender’s mistake.

The Sun is also keeping Jupiter by Term = at least some connection to winning the match for Manchester United here.

We already have enough clues to make the following assessment:

  • High probability that Omonia Nicosia will score or frustrate their opponents or the favourites in the minds of bookies.
    • This I believe is important to note if You want to bet Live on matches. Now I have the probability of getting better odds during the match if the rest of the chart is saying that Manchester United will win in the end!
  • Manchester United will make a mistake that will cost them dearly. Even more reason for me to either bet on Omonia Nicosia scoring in the match if I get good odds or during the game betting on Manchester Live if Omonia takes the lead for example.

The Aspects

We want aspects between planets for more clues about the winner or loser of the match!

Saturn or Omonia has an extremely wide and separating aspect with Jupiter the ruler of Victory in the Horary Sports Astrology chart. This is not good if I want to bet on Omonia to win the match.

The Sun or Manchester has a similar, wide and separating aspect to Jupiter. Because the degrees are a tiny bit closer, I will give the edge in regards to aspects to Manchester United to win here.

Neither has a connection to Neptune, the ruler of the 12th house or losses, which doesn’t give us much. But I find it important that Neptune is still in the 1st house. Or in the house of Omonia Nicosia. NB! I don’t particularly like it when it’s in a different sign than the Ascendant but I will take it in this case as a 0.25 point that Omonia has a bigger probability of losing.

Special influences in the Horary Sports Astrology chart

Sometimes, I really need to look and probe before I can make an accurate prediction and bet.

This is the biggest key to making this prediction!

Saturn is directly on top of the Ascendant or Omonia Nicosia. In addition to that, it’s retrograde and going back towards the team.

Look at the degrees in the table of AS and Saturn. Saturn is at 18 degrees and 48 minutes. And the Ascendant is at 18 degrees and 4 minutes.

This means that although they will frustrate their opponents, and even score, they are still headed for a loss in the game. And that was the case.

Making the bet and prediction with Horary Sports Astrology

If You are using an onsite bookie – don’t show up like this. They know You are a shark!

I now know a lot of the things that are going to happen during the match. Or that have a HIGH PROBABILITY of happening.

Let’s revise and add to it:

  • Omonia will frustrate and/or score but they are headed towards a loss.
  • Manchester will make a big mistake but have a higher probability of winning (aspects and connections).
    • In this case, Omonia has more indicators of losing than Manchester United of winning – we can make our prediction based on that.

My plan was simple, watch the game, and if Omonia takes the lead, bet on Manchester.

That was exactly what happened, and I took the Money Line on Manchester United @1.85, and as I mentioned before, they barely won the match. Which from their strength in the chart is understandable. Hard to see them win 5-0 with this chart.

Here’s some proof of the Live bet with Horary Sports Astrology as well so You know I have skin in the game when I’m writing and betting on these matches!


If I can’t take the bet pre-match but see hints of potential in the Horary Sports Astrology chart, I often use Live betting options.

A useful tool if You know what You are doing!

Happy predicting and betting!

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