An Extremely Difficult Chart in Horary Sports Astrology

I’ve talked about evaluating complicated Horary Sports Astrology charts before. Some of them I decided to bet on, and some of them I didn’t take the wager. In this post, I will show You how to really dig deep and use astrology in sports betting.

The Horary Sports Astrology Chart for sports betting

I had quite the conundrum of a Horary Sports Astrology chart on my hands!

First and foremost go check out my previous Horary Sports Astrology chart analysis hereherehereherehere, and here. And even hereherehere, here, and here. Read them before You move on to the next paragraph. It will be easier to follow!

My seasoned readers are already aware of the situation just by looking at the 1st and 7th houses! When I saw this in the chart, I knew this is not going to be an easy one.

And truthfully, it took me about 30 minutes to decide if to take the bet. I usually come to a decision within 15 minutes. I at least know if I will take the bet or not! Or what is my game plan, and if the prediction is clear or not.

The match itself was between Everton and Machester United. A regular Premier League match with a twist! Namely, one of the greats, Cristiano Ronaldo was sitting on 699 club goals heading into this game.

The significators in the chart, their connections, and their strength

I really had to wrestle with this chart to get the astrology prediction right!

There were so many in the chart! But as always, I still start with the rulers of the first and seventh houses.

Everton is ruled by Jupiter (the traditional ruler of Pisces, and very important for this prediction!), and has a decent score of +2.

Manchester United is represented by Mercury and has a strong score of +10. So far they have the “lead”.

Victory or the 10th house is ruled by seemingly Sagittarius? Does that mean again Jupiter? No! Check out this post where I had the same issue. But Victory is ruled by Saturn in this chart.

The connections between the significators

Checking the connections in a Horary Sports Astrology chart is like learning the ABC = it’s a necessary foundation to make an accurate prediction.

Everton or Jupiter doesn’t really have many connections other than keeping Saturn, the planet that represents Victory in this specific chart, in Fall. This is bad news for Everton fans I’m afraid.

Mercury or Manchester United is keeping Jupiter (or Everton) in Detriment. They are going to cause the opposing team problems and there is a high probability of scoring.

Saturn itself has only a weak connection to Mercury or Manchester by Face. A tiny influence but I kept this one in the back of my mind.

So far = Manchester United has quite a big advantage. Especially because of their strength.

By house, both of the teams are quite equal, no clear favourite there.

I needed to investigate further!


Think of an aspect between planets through the lens of “Are they communicating or not?”

Everton or Jupiter has an extremely wide sextile to the planet of Victory, Saturn. But it’s a separating one and a weak influence. Give it 0.1 points at best.

Manchester or Mercury doesn’t have any aspect to Saturn. Does that mean that Everton has the upper hand here?

Yes and no (I love it when the answer is that!). Only a very small one, not enough to base a prediction or bet on it!

I still need more personally!

Special influences in Predicting with Horary Sports Astrology

The Devil is often in the details with astrology in sports betting! And this time was not an exception!

I had so many extra influences in this chart I literally had to calm myself down.

Let us start with Everton.

Everton is in the first house and represented by Jupiter, I already knew that. But!

Jupiter is also quite close to the Ascendant point itself.

Whenever Jupiter is close or on top of the Ascendant, it brings the home team good fortune, luck, and success. Similarly, when it’s on the Descendant with the away team, it will bring the same to them!

Does Everton have a chance?

On the other side of the coin, Neptune is on 23 degrees and 25 minutes. Close enough to be considered in the 1st house and again close to the AC or Ascendant. Neptune can very often mean losses. Stubbornly conflicting influences in the Horary Sports Astrology chart!

Is there even more for Everton? Technically yes but these are somewhat weaker influences. I had to still investigate and analyze because they were in the first house again!

The asteroid Chiron and the Moon = are also in the first house and influence Everton.

Especially important = they are both keeping Saturn or the planet of Victory in the Horary chart in Fall! And so is Jupiter itself.

Now I’m starting to have enough for predicting against Everton or putting my money on Manchester.

Are there even more special influences?

Yes, and I’m not even done with Everton yet!

Neptune, which is closely associated in the chart with Everton is keeping Mercury (Manchester) in both Detriment and Fall.

If a planet or team is keeping the opposite team in both Detriment and Fall, in soccer or football this is a high probability scenario of them scoring at least one goal!

I immediately wanted to take the bet Everton goals over 0,5. But unfortunately for me, the line was much higher. I decided to skip the over 1,5 goals over/under line.

Now we know that Manchester has a higher probability of winning but Everton will score?

It was getting confusing. And I hadn’t even gotten to the seventh house or Manchester!

Analyzing Manchester

Even if it’s hard and a lot of work, I always have to assess both teams or players in Horary Sports Astrology!

The most significant thing regarding Manchester United in the chart is the influence of Part of Fortune so close to the Descendant line!

If Part of Fortune is close or on the Descendant or Ascendant, it will bring that team good fortune and luck during the match!

Another indicator for Manchester United to win the match. And remember, if we use logic, they are the favourites anyway. But Goodison Park is never an easy place to go. And considering their recent form, I thought a more thorough analysis is warranted with this Horary Sports Astrology chart!

But I had more to do!

The Sun and Venus are both in the 7th house but in a different sign. Although, this is a tad weaker influence, still something to consider.

The Sun is keeping itself in Fall (they allowed to score the goal and it was a mistake by the defence), and the team will make a mistake during the match. But the Sun really likes Saturn by Exaltation, Triplicity, and even Face! There is a connection to Victory for Manchester again.

Both also have an applying aspect to Saturn or Victory. Another important piece for the prediction.

The planet that rules losing or losses in this specific Horary Astrology Chart

I believe I transformed into this elephant while predicting with this chart!

This is where it gets really high level.

Usually, the sign and planet that represent the 12th house represent losing. But in this case, it would again be Jupiter. No?


It is Mars instead. Because when a planet already represents a “piece” in the chart, we look at the next house and planet associated with it!

Mars is keeping Jupiter or Everton in Detriment and Jupiter itself is in the house or sign.

All signs that Everton will lose the match.

I know the last part was difficult. I truly recommend reading as many charts as possible, You will learn much faster. And then You will be ready to analyze and predict with these intricate charts as well.

Mars also has an applying aspect to Neptune (Everton). But so do Venus and Sun (which are more associated with Manchester). This part evens itself out. Neptune is a tad closer, so You can give them 0.25 points towards losing the match even from this configuration.

And importantly, Mercury or Manchester United’s main significator only has a separating aspect to Mars.

Summary of the analysis to make the prediction

Here are the things I took into consideration when making the bet and prediction. This is something I personally use with astrology in sports betting.

  • Manchester or Mercury was stronger by dignity.
  • By placements of the special influences, the two teams were almost equal.
  • All the connections in the Essential Dignity table hinted at Manchester winning, and Everton losing.
  • Aspects from the special influences. Manchester had an advantage here too. Even though the Moon and Chiron are making a sextile, the Sun is closer to Saturn!
  • The planet of losing in the chart Mars gives a higher probability of loss for Everton.

Making the bet with the astrology

Although the Horary chart itself was difficult, I now knew that Manchester was going to win. And I was ready to push the button on the bet as well, not just predict it.

By now I wanted to bet on Manchester and so I did.

Here’s proof of the winning bet I managed to pull off with the astrology shown to me.

This is how You can use astrology in sports betting, folks! And it took me a while.

Stay safe out there, and happy betting and predicting!

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