Getting the Prediction Right With Horary Sports Astrology – But Losing the Bet?

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What if it’s a DRAW? An Intricate Horary Sports Astrology Chart

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My BEST bet and prediction with Horary Sports Astrology

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Interpreting a Horary Astrology Chart – More Examples

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Horary Chart Examples – How to Learn Horary Astrology?

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How to learn Horary Astrology?

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Horary Sports Astrology – A Closer Look at Aspects

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Introduction to Horary Sports Astrology

Overview of different sports astrology methods Sports astrology is practised in many different ways. Some astrologers cast a moment chart for the tournament or event. Others look at the natal charts of real-life sporting figures. The curious ones predict sporting events through Horary sports astrology. There are many issues and problems with these techniques. For … Read more