Horary Chart Examples – How to Learn Horary Astrology?

In this post, we will look at a Horary chart example. And I will also bring in a new Horary Sports Astrology chart. Both of these charts were real-life events I used them to make decisions in the real world. One is about choosing between job offers. And the other is a prediction of a … Read more

How to learn Horary Astrology?

Many people contact me and ask the tough question “How to learn Horary astrology?” There’s no simple or easy answer to this question. But I will explain the foundations that You need to start learning Horary Astrology. The basics of traditional astrology Whenever You think about branching out and gathering new knowledge You need to … Read more

Horary Sports Astrology – A Closer Look at Aspects

I wrote about the basics of Horary Sports Astrology in the previous post here. I looked at the significators, the Ascendant and Descendant, as well as the dignity of the planets. And we ended with an overview of the houses in Horary Sports Astrology. It is now time to dig deeper. What else do we … Read more

Introduction to Horary Sports Astrology

Overview of different sports astrology methods Sports astrology is practised in many different ways. Some astrologers cast a moment chart for the tournament or event. Others look at the natal charts of real-life sporting figures. The curious ones predict sporting events through Horary sports astrology. There are many issues and problems with these techniques. For … Read more